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Have you ever wondered why you have difficulties with falling asleep, concentration, memory, constant fatigue, drowsiness, headaches, irritation and mood changes that your family and you cannot cope with. Your children often visit a doctor and serious diseases such as cancer occur in the families of your  neighbours.

It is worth answering the following questions:

  • How often do you use the microwave?
  • Does your WI FI work 24/7?
  • How are the wiring laid out in your bedroom or your child’s bedroom?
  • Where is your phone when you are sleeping?
  • How often do you talk on the phone?
  • How many of your neighbours have WI FI?
  • Are there any GSM transmitter behind your window?
  • Are there any Power Lines located behind your window?
  • Are there any Power Stations located behind your window?

Our services include:

  • Making an electromagnetic field measurement.
  • In special cases, shielding the apartment from the magnetic field.
  • Minimizing the production of an electromagnetic field in a flat.