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Nowadays, with such a developed technology, real estate requires very professional approach in order to ensure 24-hour safety and functionality of the facility.

The Aberdeen Property Maintenance offer is addressed to everyone, commercial customers as well as private ones.

We take care of the quality of commercial and private real estates.

We offer a comprehensive monitoring of the technical condition of the premises and all the devices in it.

We locate defects quickly and effectively, remove them regardless of whether it is electric repair, water leakage or another problem.

We offer installation updates, repairs and technical inspections, directed to Multi-Premise Landlords and Housing Agencies. Constant technical monitoring and reactive maintenance are crucial for well maintained properties portfolio. Aberdeen Property Maintenance provides cover for customers in retail and other multi outlet businesses, Shopping Centres, Banks, Commercial offices and warehouses, residential and special needs housing, Training Schools, Care Homes and Private domestic work.

Our  offer is also directed to people who for some reasons had to move to another city and leave their properties unattended. As you know, left house or apartment still needs care, and we are able to provide it.

We have an excellent track record in safe systems of work and take health and safety practice very seriously.

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